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A leading company for office computers and servers

Providing you customized solutions

If you want a quality computer or server, you want a Dell.

Let’s sit down and discuss how Dell can help make your team more productive.


Protect Your Network


Today, security is more important than ever. You need a team with a product that will protect you.

We are that team and SOPHOS is the product.

SOPHOS provides firewall, server and pc protection.

Communication Solutions

For a small office to call centers

Communication Consultants

Today, employees are working from home, office and on the road.  You need more than just a desk phone to communicate with your team . Our solutions combine mobile & desktop apps, video conferencing along with team collaboration  to keep everyone connected.

Long gone are the days of a rotary phone or beeper.

Changing the way your office communicates

A vital part to this new way of working is your communications.
Phone calls, internal communication and video conferencing all come together thru Nextiva.
We can help.

Ring Central delivers your phone solutions by connecting all your points of contact to ONE system


Your business can save up to 65% on your phone costs with RingCentral

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Vonage Partner

National Solutions


If you have a  chain of locations across multiple states, Vonage may be right for you. 


Together, we can make a difference in the local business market